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The Long-Term Management of Stroke (LOMOS) project encompasses both literature review and system evaluation. In a series of articles published in the journal Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation, an analysis was conducted of all studies in stroke rehabilitation where the rehabilitation intervention was initiated during the chronic phase of recovery (>6 months post stroke). The series highlights the amount of research conducted in the chronic phase, as well as the importance of rehabilitation in the later stages of stroke recovery. As a result of these findings, CORRE has stratified the levels of evidence statements within the Evidence-Based Review of Stroke Rehabilitation (EBRSR) based on time post stroke (acute, sub-acute, and chronic).

Outpatient therapy is a key component of the long-term management of stroke. Parkwood Institute is unique in that it houses multiple outpatient stroke programs and clinics, including: (1) Community Stroke Rehabilitation Team (CSRT) Program; (2) Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program (CORP); and (3) three outpatient clinics. In terms of system evaluation as part of LOMOS, CORRE uses the data collected within each of these programs and explores what services individuals receive, the timeframe in which these services are accessed, and the gains made while utilizing them.

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